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  • I've given up on society
  • We "won the War"
  • So here we fµcking go

  • "Together we're losers, remember the future, remember the morning is when night is dead."
  • "Hate must never win, even when we're worlds apart. Your love is not a sin, even if it's hard, even when I'm far, I will always be there"
  • "You left me walking in circles. You were a shot in the dark. You're scattered like ashes across every song that I write."
  • "Oh my God, wish I could think, wish I could do something smarter than sing. But I'm just a face, painted in mud- don't try for perfect it's never enough"

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  • &☾Hey Little Apple Blossom
  • &☆ All that glitters is gold
  • &☾I know I can't have it all but without you I'm afraid I'll fall
  • &☾Making blind guesses

  • coachella festival
  • earth day
  • bite me
  • music festival

  • trans Siberian orchestra
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  • R.I.P. Christina Victoria Grimmie

  • Conner? where are my shoes?
  • Jokers Daughter.
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  • Hanging in the hall of Justice.

  • A clear focus
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  • Extraction on Roxbury
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  • The birthday wish
  • Our fate engraved Scar enslaved As we mutually destruct Repose, my love, I've sinned enough for the both of us  In the name of love...
  • I have no name for this
  • I was the last choice, no voice, regular kid Just livin' out each day and layin' low on the grid But then I looked at myself, and saw that I wanted more So I assembled my troops and I stood up to the world